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Welcome to our homepage
Leonhardt - Thomann is a Frankfurt am Main based company with a long-standing tradition, and has operated successfully for years in business segments such as: "expertise", "conservation of evidence", "planning", "advisory services" and "building supervision". On the following pages we would like to introduce our service-spectrum. In particular, we will give you detailed information on the multifaceted duties and responsibilities of an official expert of the building industry ranging from a water damage certificate in a private household to hazard expertise pertaining to a planned underground tunnel.

On our service page you will find reports and statistics to the most typical questions and problems we experts see ourselves confronted with. Furthermore, we have put together a glossary with specific terminology of the building branch which has been broken down in laymen's terms for the general public.

If you should have any questions, we would be honored to assist you any way possible, by you contacting our bureau at your convenience.

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