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Our Team

Our experienced team - we work together with prestigious survey institutes, laboratories and specialized engineers - enables us to guarantee swift and accurate services. Damage inventory is done immediately after the assignment is given. The completed reports and expert surveys are sent to the customer with accredited and technically advanced working tools for the most time efficient way possible over the mail system, courier services or digitally over the World Wide Web.

Our team in Frankfurt am Main includes the following permanent members:

Burkhard Thomann Expert Surveyor
Hans-Ulrich von Mende Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Sylvia Zumstrull Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Expert Surveyor
Jens Krüger Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Expert Surveyor
Andrej Lange Office Manager
Christa Eberlin Secretariat
Vera Hartmann Accounting
Mikhail Shoykhet Dipl.-Ing. Architect

Cooperating individuals and companies

Additionally we work together in cooperation with several qualified experts in various technical and economical fields. This ensures that, you the customer will always be advice with the utmost competence and drive for success.

Restoration Procedures Engineering Offices Peter Sobek, Rödermark
Static Structural Analysis Deutsch-Buckert-Thomas, Dr. Deutsch, Frankfurt a/M
Geotechnical TU Darmstadt - Prof. Dr. Rolf Katzenbach, Darmstadt
Biological analysis Institute for Pest Analysis Dr. Martin Strohmeyer, Krefeld
LBW-Bioconsult - Dr. Th. Warscheid - Expert on microbially-induced damage to materials
Construction Analysis (Salts, Dampness) FEAD-GmbH Dr. Peter Friese - Research- and Development Laboratories for Reconstruction und Preservation of Monuments and Historic Buildings, Berlin
Petro graphic analysis Office Dipl. Ing. Thomas Bolze - Engineering Offices and Stone Technicians, Potsdam
Fire Prevention ER fire engineering GmbH Office for Fire Prevention, Hofheim
Building Equipment and Appliances Expert Offices Rainer Stegerwald, Lohr am Main
Finance and Tax Advice Kipp & Linkmann - Tax Adviser, Bad Nauheim
Software Development
Consulting, Prevention und Patents Patent Attorneys Hübner, Neumann, Radwer, Wenzel - Berlin, Düsseldorf
Cooperating Architects
Interpreter Oleg Barannikov, Frankfurt am Main

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