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Company History
The Company was established in 1949 by J�rgen Leonhardt. The founding years of the company, in the bombed out Frankfurt, after the Second World War, were mainly spent with planning and architectural issues. During the 70ties the company moved increasingly toward "Constructional Surveyor Expertise", with increased emphasis on specialising in building materials, superstructure building construction, construction operation, structural-physical issues and technical contract interpretation. In July 1984 Burkhard Thomann joint the expert surveyor company of J�rgen Leonhardt as partner. Mister Leonhardt died at the beginning of the year 2000. The company employs currently between 10 and 15 staff members, based on the order situation and is carried on and developed in the spirit of the founder with high and innovative standards.

Today the company's first line of business is expert surveys. Over 5000 expert surveys were prepared in the time from 1984 until today. Among our clients we have municipal- , district- and appellate courts, and public and private customers. Additionally the offices of Leonhardt-Thomann prepare the strategic planning of higher buildings (new buildings, restoration and maintenance), as well as the task of construction management and settlement. We generate quality assurance according to the BQ� standards, implement collateral construction quality management according to the GT� standards and inspect buildings before the warranty period for common and safety-related defects expires. (For example - fire prevention) Focal point of the expert surveys is constructional documentation.

Inventory appraisal and preservation of evidence is done according to a specialized documentation process. During the fall of 2003 we extended the occupation focal point of construction documentation, Inventory appraisal and preservation of evidence nationwide and in the spring of 2004 we extended our reach even further with Cooperation Partners in various European Nations.

We support civil engineering and humanitarian Projects of the UNESCO, as well as of the EurAsia Heart Foundation - This organisation supports children with cardiac defects, in countries with insufficient health care through medical and administrative support.


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