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Performance Profile - we offer you our services for your expectations
We compile for you, among other things: Your timetable if desired, shortly after the public inventory was taken
- Expert surveys with analysis and assessment
- Court appointed preservation of evidence surveys
- Privately appointed preservation of evidence surveys
- Insurance surveys
- Arbitration opinions
- Building inspections prior to the expiration of the warranty period
- Quality assurance according to the BQ� standards - implementation of collateral
construction quality management GT� - QM standard
- Construction documentation according to the patented causaris� process (continuous quality supervision)
- Project organization an networking of complex topice with multidisciplinary specialists
- Event,- architectur- und landscape photography
- Designing, planning and implementation of events for artistic lighting designs, networking of art, architecture, graphics, lighting and media from a single source

We are in particular qualified and specialized for the following range of performances:

- professional consultations for construction projects adjacent to existing sites (e.g. older and historical construction sites) with larger or more complex building measures on uncertain subsoil

- professional consultations on restorations, for example highly fissure damaged older and historical buildings

- Analysis of damages due to dampness

- Risk analysis and assessment (e.g. for surface developments over tunnel constructions in historical or uncertain subsoil)

- Building Inspections before the warranty period for common and safety-related defects expires. (For example - fire prevention)

- Construction documentation according to the patented causaris� process (continuous quality supervision)

- Design, planning and implementation of events for artistic lighting designs

We have performed our services for 30 years successfully in the Rheine-Main area, in the fall of 2003 we extended them nationwide and in the spring of 2004, in cooperation with partners, we managed to extend them into various European nations, as well as nations of the Russian Federation. Through the particular photographic and written documentation method of our surveys - a picture is worth a thousand words - a qualified examination in case of damages is possible. We accomplish confidence and reliability through the high quality and comprehensiveness of the surveys. For example, within the process of preserving evidence, adjacent neighbours are appeased and the public construction support unit as well as the construction management benefits from this in case of disputes. The surveys systematic allow, at any time, adjustments of claims according to insurance guidelines for the appraisal of new and old damages with current value allowances.


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